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Football Friends League in Mostar

Football Friends League, continued the tournament which was held on 24 and 25 March in Mostar in the hall-in USRC "Mithat Hujdur hujka".

Over 100 girls and boys gathered at the tournament to show their knowledge and skills in football, but mainly because of friendship, promoting fair play, explore new cities, cultures, interests ...

The tournament winner was the host team "The Mostar Liske".

František Jan Masek, researcher and contributor to magazines Respect, who attended the tournament as a guest, present to a youngest participant, Anastazija Stanojević jersey of team Viktoria Plzen.

 - In matches played the result is not so important, it is important to have a desire to play fair, respect the rules on which to agree before the game and independently resolve disputes. They are all happy to score good result, not only his but other teams and that is exactly our goal, said Zoran Avramovic.


Goražde - Doboj 2:2
Mostar - Beograd 1:0
Zenica - Foča 0:1
Banja Luka - Gradiška 1:0
Beograd - Foča 0:2
Nikšić - Mostar 0:3
Goražde - Gradiška 1:0
Banja Luka - Doboj 4:0
Goražde - Foča 0:3
Beograd - Gradiška 0:3
Zenica - Mostar 0:3
Nikšić - Doboj 5:0
Goražde - Mostar 1:4
Zenica - Doboj 3:4
Banja Luka - Foča 0:3
Nikšić - Gradiška 0:0
Beograd - Doboj 4:4
Banja Luka - Mostar 0:7
Nikšić - Foča 2:1
Goražde - Beograd 3:2
Zenica - Gradiška 2:1


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