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Wroclaw - Eurocamp 2012

In the Polish city of Wroclaw, one of the hosts of the European Championships in football this year, young people from UEFA member countries gathered at the Eurocamp 2012 where they from August 28 to September 2, participated in workshops related to social issues, the integration activities with an emphasis on communication and networking.

More than 250 young people from over 50 countries in Europe during the last two days played on tournament by the method football3 - all respect for fair play, teams of boys and girls from different countries, eight players of the team of which 4 girls and 4 boys, at any time on the field with 2 girls and 2 boys. Before each match teams have agreed to play with specific rules. Disputes are resolved through dialogue with the help of mediators - no referee! After the match, the teams back together and give their opinion on the game and decide of extra points for fair play which are awarded to each other.

Vanja Štulić, Maša Paunović, Sara Labalo, Aleksa Stanić; Zoran Avramović, Vladimir Sokolović

Serbia is at Eurocamp in 2012, supported by the Football Association of Serbia, represented by Football Friends Belgrade, organization established by Zoran Avramovic.

Football Friends team on Eurocamp 2012 was Masa Paunovic, Sara Labalo, Aleksa Stanic and Vanja Štulić, girls and boys from the age of fourteen.

Aleksa Stanić, Maša Paunović, Vanja Štulić, Sara Labalo i Pavle Avramović (one of the Young leaders from Eurocamp)

Football Friends team was the true representative of our country - always smiling, ready to help members of the other countries that are not fluent in foreign languages ​​in translation and additional explanations, with the presentation of Serbia, which has garnered applause from the spontaneity and interactivity with the audience.

Eurocamp 2012 is far more than just a football tournament, it is to enjoy the beautiful game and its power to bring together in one place young people from different countries, culture, religion, who had developed friendships, exchange interests and they will stay in touch in the future.



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